Family Law

At the international level, we deal with matters relating to the recognition of foreign judgments with regard to individual’s legal status and Family Law.

Separations and divorces

Within  this  area,  the  law  firm  focuses  on  the  main  issues  of matrimonial crisis.

Specifically, our professionals undertake to clarify which  rights  and  duties  the  divorcing  clients  have  towards  their children  and  spouse  and  provide  assistance  during  both  the preliminary and the judicial proceedings.

In  addition,  after  the  legal  separation,  if  the  spouses  apply  for divorce and ­ – under applicable conditions ­for marriage annulment with the Ecclesiastical jurisdiction, our professionals undertake to pay scrupulous attention to the issues concerning the custody of children, these latters being generally the unwilling victims of the parental disputes.

The International Law Firm Vassallo & Mendola also deals with the modification of terms and conditions of separation and divorce, the request for alimony and the custody of children.

At the international level, we deal with matters relating to the recognition of foreign judgments with regard to individual’s legal status and Family Law.


Protection of children

Special care is taken for the adoption of any legal provision protecting the rights and guarantees of children, including the children born to unmarried parents.

Our professionals assist our clients in any issue that may arise within the family ­ be it a de­facto or a de­jure relationship ­ and may require to restrain one or both the parents from the exercise of parental authority.


Protecting vulnerable people

The firm also deals with the protection of people with impaired capacity who need support in the care of their personal or financial interests.

In this context, the firm handles all matters relating to the appointment of an administrator who will make decisions on their behalf.