Real Estate Investment: Italian Market

Investing in the Italian real estate market is now an excellent investment opportunity, in fact the price of housing, in the last year, decreased further by 2.4% on average throughout Italy. Conversely, in the coming years it is estimated that the value of real estate is growing.

All this of course has had an impact on the real estate sales that are constantly increasing, even in 2015 increased by + 6.5%. This is also due to the decrease of mortgage rates that today are at their lowest.

Such purchases do not concern only the house to be used as a residence but, in several cases, it is clearly a property investment even in the short-medium term. Many are also the properties purchased by the foreigners.

It is estimated that in the next future the prices should go up again, so it is easy to think of being able to earn a few thousand euro in a few years. The next rise in real estate assessments also brings potential investors to rush to buy before prices restart to rise, which will happen for sure.

The solutions that can ensure the investments are the purchase of medium-high value properties. Especially those of historical and artistic value are able to keep their price and in case of sale is easier to find an estimator. Even buying in a well-known tourist site should give you some more guarantees.

Such valuable properties anyway could be leased, and then allow the investors to have a small income. In this case, the medium-high range home allows to turn to people who are able to provide adequate financial guarantees.

Our international law firm offers legal advice to its clients in every phase of the sale of properties.

From the Due Diligence, up to the search of the necessary funding, from the stage of negotiations up to the signing of the deed of purchase, the lawyers of our law firm assist the clients in order to maximize their own gain while minimizing the risks.

Our team will also carry out the necessary checks to ensure that the property is in compliance with the building regulations and in regard to the absence of any foreclosures or mortgages on the property to be purchased.