Shipping and Yachting Law

Transactions involving yachts imply some precautions.

Taxes, regulatory documentation, financing, ownership structure, and insurance are just some of the items that need careful consideration before moving forward.

For these reasons buying a yacht is a process that can take months or even years and requires a substantial investment.

Even if there are countless brokerage models available, it is always advisable to rely on specialists and in this context our Law Firm provides detailed advices on all aspects of shipping and yachting law, both to buyers and sellers of yachts, on every single aspect of the purchase, starting from the myriad aspects of the negotiation phase, up to the closing process of the project, to ensure that the investment of our Client is safe.

Our services include:

  • Purchases and Sales
  • Ownership and Registration
  • Tax Planning
  • Lending
  • Foreclosures/Repossessions/Liens
  • New Construction and Renovations
  • Broker Representation