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The firm focuses on many different branches of law so as to meet the needs of all domestic and international clients. In this perspective, the firm can provide its clients with full legal assistance through a team of experienced lawyers and thanks to a network of relationships established over the years at the national and international level.

The firm’s activity is also complemented by the work of such professionals as accountants, surveyors, etc. working in different fields and having by now established with the firm a permanent collaboration relationship.

The law firm is distinctively characterized by its focus on international legal matters, and provides legal assistance either to foreign people who have economic interests in Italy or to prospective international law firms willing to set up a domiciliation in Italy.

Finally, through participation in the most important professional networks, at both European and international level, the firm serves the interests of any Italian firm or individual client that need either to invest or to be represented abroad.


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Valerio Vegna | CTO

International Law Firm

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